We are all figuring it out!

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

I have always been someone who has had a rainbow personality. I crave novelty and variety. Be it new ideas, experiences, or just ways of living life. More often than not, I find myself confused and just pondering about the next phase of life while being in one that I looked forward to earlier.

And, it has been like that since school days. In grade 11, I was utterly confused about which stream to take — Science, Commerce, or Arts. Then eventually, this translated to deciding which major to go for in university and now, which career to pursue or job to take.

Like many other millennials in their twenties, I feel quite clueless now about where my life is heading. I feel lost and often find myself wondering about questions like what is it that I want to do in my life? What I am really good at? What makes me happy?

I feel like I just want to do so many things at once. Like I want to create content, try graphic designing, work for non-profits, and so much more. But then end up with the question, as to where to start?

At other times, I start comparing myself to my friends and just feel like doing whatever that they are doing. If there is one of my friends pursuing their masters, I am like ‘Maybe I should also go to grad school and get a degree.’ If someone is doing a fellowship, I am like ‘Maybe I should also try my hand at it.’

It feels like everyone is so sorted and clear about their purpose and I am the only one trying to figure it out. But, there has been a silver lining to all this. My thinking has changed recently, as I talked to my friends about this. It turned out they were also going through the same things. They were also unhappy about where they are in life and unsure about where they want to go.

I now realize that as much as we feel that the grass is greener on the other side, the truth is far from reality. We all go through it at some point in our life. We are all scared, doubtful, and anxious about the future.

“We are all just figuring it out as we go along. So the best you can do is reflect on who you were in the past and compare that to who you wanna be in the future and you split the difference.

That’s who you are now.”

- Charlie Rattigan, The Perfect Date

The key here is to be compassionate towards oneself and not be too self-critical. We need not be too hard on ourselves. We just need to give ourselves the time and space to explore all the things that we would want to do in our life, things which we think we might like or will be good at.

Because at the end of the day, we all deserve to give ourselves the CHANCE TO BE AND DO ALL THAT WE DESERVE!

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